About Us

Gourmet Baby came about in February 2016 living the life of a stay at home mum, miss 5 months was eagerly starting the wonderful world of solids and Master 2 had his three meals a day plus snacks which of course included the family dinner.

Busy times following the 3 - 5 day rule when starting solids making food for everyone was somewhat constant, washing, peeling, chopping, cooking, pureeing, freezing over and over.

I wanted to purchase tasty wholesome organic frozen first foods (like I make at home) that followed the 3-5 day rule, so I could monitor the different foods my baby was trying and if she had any reactions. Food that wasn't restricted to being the same meal every day, food that Mums could add too, food that wasn't just for babies.

There is so much stigma revolving around baby food and how adults wont eat it but they would be happy to feed it to their baby. My question was "If I won't eat it, why should I expect my child to eat it?".

This led me on my journey to create a range that babies, young children and parents would enjoy eating. With absolutely no idea what lay ahead or knowing how many hoops I would need to jump through to achieve my goal, Gourmet Baby began.

Miss 5 months was my number one product tester there were a few learning curves of course. Every batch had to pass the parent taste test and we got super fussy.

I was able to get a group of mums together to trial the product, I felt so honored they would be my pilot testers. Luckily they loved the meals and the food trial was a success.

Then we moved on to producing the food on a commercial level but still in small batches, transitioning from your standard pots, stick blenders in your average kitchen and moving on to using jacketed kettles, fillers and commercial stick blenders.  I finally launched Gourmet Baby in August 2017 and I haven't looked back since.

Here's to all you busy families, Gourmet Baby wants to make your life easier and your childrens taste buds tingle with tasty eats and treats for your little foodie.

Gourmet Baby Solids Starter Packs are designed to make starting solids easier and feeding your baby and young children more enjoyable.

Mix and Match to your heart's content, so many different and tasty flavour combinations for your children to feast on for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.