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Oneroa Tangaroa reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star 

Only food my daughter will eat and not get a sore tummy! So easy and convenient for parents and delicious meal for the little ones. The owner is also very friendly and has excellent communication, 10/10 from this family �

Shelley Richards reviewed Gourmet Baby - 5 star 

So good I'd secretly hope my son wouldn't finish his dinner so I could eat it. �
Gourmet baby showed me baby food could be tasty with the simplest of ingredients. 
The main courses are hands down the best on the market. I'm sure the fruit blocks are too, just haven't tried them... Yet.

Linda Harris reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star 

My son loves these foods. Especially the main courses so tasty...even I’d eat it. I like that it had a good % of meat in the pouch. I added extra mash and veges to fill my boy up. He definitely enjoyed the change of what he had been eating. 
I’d be really keen if there’s a follow on ... older child product one day. Highly recommend this product.

Rochelle Williamson reviewed Gourmet Baby  – 5 star 

Amazing product! We absolutely love it in our household! Completely delicious and individual packaging is so clever and convenient too!

Amanda Coull reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Amazing foods!! The iceblocks r great for my teething baby and so yummy and i love the main courses as i cn mix with watever i want or just like it is. The easy heat pouches are also amazing n quick. Thanks so much uv made my life so much easier getting meat into our kids diets.

Felicity Farrell reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

My Bubs absolutely loves Gourmet Baby’s food, and so do I. It takes all the stress out of preparation especially the meat “main meals” which I found so hard to get right myself. I love knowing it’s free range and organic with no nasties. Yummy food that we can eat too!! Time to order some more

Samantha Hill reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star 

Amazing service and food my boy loves so much he cant wait for meal times.

Renaye Mcquoid reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star 

My daughter absolutely loves Gourmet Baby! The food is so delicious and it’s so nice knowing she is eating such great quality organic food! Gourmet Baby has made our solids journey so much easier! The service is amazing too! I would highly recommend Gourmet Baby to everyone!

Erin Tiffany Bell reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Aiden, my now 7 month old, absolutely loves the Gourmet Baby range of foods! His favorite is by far the pork! :-) This has been such a great way to introduce him to a variety of meats and flavours! Thank you! 

Jessica Hewgill reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

We have bought our second pack of main meals and fruit purees. They taste so good and last a long time, as they can easily be mixed with other veges and grains. Service is great too

Chloe Green reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

We absolutely love ‘Gourmet Baby’ the best feeling to give your growing Bub something they thoroughly enjoy whilst having the peace of mind that it’s also so good for them! Added bonus it’s made with love from a fellow Mum

Jessica Martin-Lyford reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Overnight delivery to Napier super fast! Still frozen to and taste amazing! Yup I gave it a go to . Will be buying more

Genevieve Goode reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Delicious baby food even I would eat! (Had one of the fruit blocks as an ice block) Bub instantly gobbled down his meals and he has only recently started on solids. Great start to our food journey. Would highly recommend! Just placed another large order. Tried all of your meals. Our faves are the pear and strawberry And roast lamb. Yum. 😋

Sarah Hughes reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

My wee man loves these products especially with some pasta or rice added in for a hearty dinner! The service is AMAZING, I cannot highly reccomend this service! Its organic, allergen free, wholesome foods straight to your door....think i'm in love

Nicole Harris reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

My daughter enjoys these meals, i also make my own veges etc and add the gourmet baby food to it for a bit of extra flavor. � Thanks, vary fast delivery also.

Lysandra Hope reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

How to put this .. we love your food !!! Mum dad an mason !! We are so lucky to have won a comp with you an been able to start masons solid journey with your goods !! Thanks so much ! Happy fam right here

Elyse Dry reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Great service and food. my little person absolutely loves gourmet baby fine first foods. highly recommend.

Sydney Berkers reviewed Gourmet Baby

I order the starter kit for my little man Archie and he LOVES all of them! This was his first time trying meat and he can’t get enough! Thanks so much for the beautiful products and amazing customer service. highly recommend to all my mummy friends

Laura James reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Sophia Cachemaille reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Hoki Edmonds reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

I personally enjoyed every process! From purchasing food to arrival/delivery and even my kid consuming your delicious products � Its affordable and you can even tailor your purchases to specefic items that your baby enjoys!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Enid Roberts reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

It wasn’t until we found Gourmet Baby that my now 10 month old really took to solids. I am so grateful for these delicious and nutritious meals for our little man, and very impressed with the outstanding customer service I’ve received. Thank you

Rebecca Watson reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

We bought some gourmet Baby food to take away camping. They are all soo delicious. My boy isn’t usually a fan of fruit but loved the flavour combinations. Will definitely be ordering again!

 Amelia Baty reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star 

My wee man was lucky enough to win the taste tester Christmas competition, the food tastes amazing!! (Even I'm enjoying eating the left overs � which is very rare as each meal is usually eatten up pretty quickly) Lamb main meal is defiantly the fav so far as we work our way through trying out all the main meals and fruitblocks. Thank you so much, we will defiantly be purchasing from here now instead of buying the pack food from the supermarket. Thank you again!!! 
One very happy little customer!!!

Hayley Wilson reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Our 8 month old absolutely loves the meat meals and the fruit blocks are so great. Lots of different flavours! So easy to grab from the freezer and go!!!! Fantastic service and super fast delivery!!!

Dale Glassey reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

My girl has just started solids within the last month. Hadn't really taken to puree (loves munching on food in a mesh/silicone feeder so knew it was food in general). Gourmet Baby has changed that! Thank you, can't wait to try more flavours.

Wendy McCall reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

I purchased the medium starter pack and had it courier to Whangarei where the pouches were all still completely frozen. My little miss loves the meat and vegetable pouches as well as the fruit pouches for lunch or a snack. Well done awesome product and super yummy

Rebecca Sentch reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Thank you so much, delivered this morning to my door just when I needed it most! A sick baby who has been off food most of the week had the beef and kumara for lunch and loved it. Will be a regular customer for sure! Thank you!

Megan Hawkins reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Not sure how to put into words just how awesome Gourmet Baby is! The food is all excellent, and the service is even better. My 5 month old decided to eat solids earlier than most, and completely caught me off guard! I had nothing frozen and stockpiled ready, I'm so grateful to Gourmet Baby for coming to our rescue! She has tried all of the main meals and loved every one of them. Very happy customer!

Karlie Wii reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Miss six months is loving the gourmet baby range. The fruit pouches are a hit and come in such great flavours. Tender lamb and kumera in the silver pouch looks so fancy and tastes amazing!

Kate Crompton reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Thanks for our starter pack...Miss 5 months is loving the flavours and this Mumma is inspired to get a bit more adventurous in with the flavours I'm making up!!

Hazel Simons reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Highly recommend! My daughter absolutely loves all of the meals and fruitblocks. Her mouth is always wide open for more!!

Lauren Radcliffe reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Thanks for the yummy ice blocks! The kids think it's a treat little do they know how good it is for them =)

Kelly Stoddard reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

My 6 month old son just LOVES Gourmet Baby, he gets grumpy when I take it away and when it's finished. 
Customer Service is amazing!!

Alana Stewart reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

My daughter loves the fruitblocks. Very tasty

Pamela Kirkland reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

No thank you!! Your delivery provides me with 15mins peace in a day hahaha! My kids love them!

Jessica Cordery reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

My son loves his 'ice blocks' as he calls them. He is 2yrs old and has his molars coming through and he loves the cold on his gums. I love giving him fruit blocks as I know they are healthy for him and he loves them so much. Will definitely keep purchasing for him

Simone Kate Collins reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

These are an instant hit with my 13 month old , I have eagerly awaited there release and couldnt be happier with the service (hand delivered to our door in Waimauku) and the product <3 it was love at first bite for my Miller , she loves them, about to place my next order now PS will be extra special in Summer and are wonderful when teething xox THANK YOU from a grateful Mummy

Hallie Campbell reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

We ordered a 5 sample pack of the Fruit Blocks for my 10 month old who is SUPER fussy when it comes to fruit, if it's not a grape he's not interested... until he had a Fruitblock! Every flavour so far has been a hit, and so great while he's teething! I love that there are no added nasties, and love to support local business! Would highly recommend 

Sarah Welford reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Thank you my boy loved his, finished the whole thing and wanted more haha.

Sarah Gallagher reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Absolutely amazing service and my boy who doesn't eat fruit loved it

Natasha Quick reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Our baby was lucky enough to be a Gourmet Baby taste tester! She had just started solids at the time and the Fruit Blocks went down an absolute treat. We started with the Fruit Blocks alone which are a perfect consistency for first food, super easy to prepare and she loved all the flavours. Also allowed us to introduce some fruits that were out of season at the time. Now we mix with yoghurt, oatmeal, and/or fruit chunks for a yummy breakfast. We'll be back for more and can see they'll be brilliant as healthy ice block treats when poppet's a bit older too :D

David N Ebony Mataio reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

YUM YUM YUM!!!!! Lil man loooves a lil Gourmet Baby treat, so does mum, dad, big broz and big sis hehe......Apple Feijoa, theeeeee best!!!!

Anna Hansen reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Delicious and nutritious!!! My 9 month old loves these defrosted and I love them as iceblocks. Will definitely order more love the speedy delivery too

Mel Burns reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

We love gourmet baby fruit blocks. We got the mixture of all different flavors so we could try them all out and absolutely go down a treat with mr 2 and miss 10month. Prefect for there little hands and such great ingredients for them also.. even yummy for mummy or daddy aswell. Prefect for the whole family.. thank you again. Definitely be buying more.

Carrie Hansen reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

We love gourmet baby fruit blocks at house � 
We were lucky enough to be able to trial some of the yummy fruit blocks and I can tell you they went down a treat!! My boys aged 4, 7 and 11 loved the fruit blocks and I knew they were eating exactly what it said it was without any added nasties. I also loved the fruit blocks slightly warmed and on my morning muesli with a bit of yoghurt. My little youngest babe is about to start solids and she will definitely be having some the goodness that is gourmet baby fruit blocks

Debbie Byrom reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Both my kids love the fruitblocks - at 2 and 4 I wondered if they would maybe grow out of them but nope, they still love them! The kids often have them for a dessert on the nights where they haven't been too impressed with dinner, I don't feel like I'm 'giving in' and they think they are getting a treat so it's win-win!

Katie Cartwright reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star 

My girls LOVE the Gourmet Baby fruit blocks! So great for teething babes or just as a yummy, healthy treat for the kids (and me too!). We eat them by themselves, or sometimes add some to a bowl of plain yoghurt as a perfect little snack. Super handy to have a few in the freezer as they are really versatile (and DELICIOUS!).

Stephanie Whyte reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

We had the honour of being one of the first to try Gourmet Baby Fruitblocks. Such a treat for baby and mum. Delicious flavours, no additives and really versatile. By itself, with porridge or yoghurt. Highly recommend!

Jo Burg reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Gourmet Baby's Fruit Blocks are the best! Organic, fresh treats perfect for little AND big people! I just wish these had been available when my little boy started solids. He's making up for lost time...he just loves all the "red ones".

Lynne Ginsberg reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star

Susan has done an amazing job of putting together food for little ones that is not only delicious but healthy and you no longer have to worry about what you giving them.

Tracy Morgan reviewed Gourmet Baby – 5 star 

We've been using Susan and Gourmet Food for around a year now and I can honestly say the product is amazing. Such high quality ingredients and great flavours for a wee bub to start trying, and their First Foods kit is brilliant! Highly recommend to all mums to give it a go.