We are shipping over Level 4 with a minimum spend of $25 of frozen goods. All orders are extremely well packed in chiller boxes with reusable icepacks.

*Spot Prizes - Check here!

Grab your order number to see if you have won a prize!

We have teamed up with fantastic NZ owned and operated businesses to bring you awesome monthly spot prizes.


1. Place an order with us 
2. Check your order number against the numbers listed below.
3. If they match, you have won an instant prize!
4. Email the corresponding business to claim your prize along with your receipt for proof of purchase.

Make sure you check out all of our amazing small NZ Mama run businesses as they have spot prizes too!

GB10849 - Thomas Online $10 Gift Card
GB10913 - Thomas Online $10 Gift Card
GB11027 - Thomas Online $10 Gift Card
GB11161 - Thomas Online $10 Gift Card
GB11274 - Thomas Online $10 Gift Card
GB10952 - Fluffy Ducks $10 Gift Card
GB11081 - Fluffy Ducks $10 Gift Card 
GB11297 - Fluffy Ducks $10 Gift Card
GB11368 - Fluffy Ducks $10 Gift Card
GB11450 - Fluffy Ducks $10 Gift Card
GB10999 - LGKS $25 Gift Card
GB11347 - LGKS $25 Gift Card
GB11033 - Jaxs and Co $25 Gift Card
GB11372 Jaxs and Co $25 Gift Card
GB10721 - $10 Gift Card 
GB10859 - $10 Gift Card
GB10917 - $15 Gift Card 
GB11068 - $20 Gift Card 
GB11594 - $25 Gift Card
GB11213 - $50 Gift Card
GB11456 - Fruitblock 10 pack & Feeder
GB10993 - Maincourse 10 pack & S/Spoon
GB11121 - Real Rustic 10 Pack & D/Spoon
GB11134 - Free Shipping