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Pear Raspberry Fruitblocks x 4 pack
Pear Raspberry Fruitblocks x 4 pack

Pear Raspberry Fruitblocks x 4 pack

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6+ Months 240g

Organic Pear blended with a generous helping of organic Raspberries.Pears are a wealth of antioxidants including vitamin A, C & E while Raspberries are just as amazing with a high proportion of fiber. 

The sweet mellow pear perfectly balances with the delicious raspberry making this a yummy addition to yours or your child’s berry loving food.

Fruitblocks are so versatile they can be served melted as a puree, mixed with baby cereal, add to your morning porridge, a fabulous addition with Greek yoghurt to expand your's and your baby's palette.

Most popularly they are eaten frozen straight from the freezer as a healthy alternative to an ice block and can be enjoyed by the whole family, Delish!

The perfect addition for yours, your baby or young child's palette.